The owner was walking with a big dog in a winter park. Here they approached him to “understand”
Rex is a large but very friendly dog. He always rejoiced at the arrival of guests in their house, because he knew that on this day he would receive more sweets than usual. He also loved children and
“I have to give it to you”: said an elderly tearful woman with a cat in a carrier
A woman from Chicago had a cat named Niko for many years. The cat was 16 years old, he was like a family member for his mistress, so he got used to the care and affection from the
The girl gave the cat in good hands 5 times, but she returned to her again and again
In her house in Ulyanovsk, Galina found three little kittens. The animals were put in a box and left at the entrance of the woman’s house. Galina decided to help the animals and find owners for them. New
Being poor, the farmer still refused to sell the rare breed kittens he had saved.
During the traditional tour of his property, the farmer heard a soft sound in the bushes. Going towards the sound, he saw newborn kittens in the bushes. Their mother was not near the kittens, the search for her
A Washington resident bought an old house. As soon as she entered her new home, the woman saw a note that the former owners had left for her.
The text of the note contained a request to take care of an elderly cat. The note said that the cat was already 12 years old and had lived all his life in the backyard of this house.
The owners did not treat or feed the 13-year-old shepherd dog, saying that they no longer need it
In one Kursk group on the social network, a publication appeared that left no one indifferent, but only in words. The post was about an old and sick German Shepherd Yara. It turned out that the owners did
A homeless dog gave birth to puppies in the middle of the street, and they tried to take away their blanket
This story happened in 2018, when it was winter outside and the thermometer showed -15 ° C. One of our volunteers noticed a dog with newborn puppies near the metro station. They were lying on a blanket near
We grow a rose from a cutting: a simple and effective way
Can you grow a rose on your windowsill, and if so, how? Yes, you can. And it’s not hard at all to implement. To grow a flower from a bouquet, you need to apply the method called “Troika”,
The three-legged dog lives by itself in an empty apartment. Nobody wants to take her
Last summer, in a high-rise building, residents noticed a dog with three paws, which had not been here before. People felt sorry for the poor thing, they fed her. But no one could take her to the veterinarian,