In the morning, just in case, a man looked under his car and found a cat frozen in the ice.

Serey from Zlatoust, in this city there are severe frosts in winter, to which the locals are already accustomed. On a winter evening, a man left the car in the yard. In the morning, before driving to work, he gently tapped the hood and checked under the bottom of the car. The fact is that … Читать далее

When the owner was gone, the relatives tied his old dog to the railing of the store and left

The photo of the dog, which was tied to the railing at the store and left like that, began to spread quickly on social networks. There were dozens of indignant comments under the photo, but much more often people expressed the hope that the owner of the animal simply turned out to be an unusually … Читать далее

The sellers did not understand why the cat was looking at the windows so intently: it became clear when he entered

Employees at a clothing store located in Istanbul began to notice that a street cat began to spin near their window. At first, the animal simply gazed at the shop window and the entrance to the store, and then, as if plucking up courage, went inside. The staff couldn’t understand why the cat had decided … Читать далее

On the street I saw an interesting picture: the cat was carrying 2 packages in his teeth. What was in these packages

While walking, Purnim met a cat. He drew attention to the animal, because the red-haired purr carried two packages in his teeth, one with barbecue, and the second with chopped vegetables. The cat walked along the sidewalk, carefully avoiding all obstacles that could prevent him from delivering his burden safely, after a while he turned … Читать далее