The sellers did not understand why the cat was looking at the windows so intently: it became clear when he entered

Employees at a clothing store located in Istanbul began to notice that a street cat began to spin near their window. At first, the animal simply gazed at the shop window and the entrance to the store, and then, as if plucking up courage, went inside.
The staff couldn’t understand why the cat had decided to enter their store, and although it was against the rules to be there, they didn’t purr away, deciding to see what he would do next. Having looked around inside, the cat ate towards the shop window, part of the decor of which was made up of multi-colored balls. Apparently, having noticed the balls in the window, the cat decided that they could be a great toy, so he went inside and began to play with them. After spending some time in the window and playing enough, the cat also calmly went outside and left.

Interestingly, the cat’s games in the window attracted the attention of passers-by to the store. Some stopped on the street to look at an unusual sight, others went inside and not only watched the cat, but also examined the assortment. As it turned out, the street cat made the store a good advertisement and helped to attract customers.

The store manager did not punish the employees for letting the cat in, on the contrary, they received praise from him. Soon, a basket of colored balls appeared in front of the store, with which the cats living in the area come to play. The store manager turned out to be creative and enterprising, immediately realizing that cats are the best advertisement for a business.

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