Being poor, the farmer still refused to sell the rare breed kittens he had saved.

During the traditional tour of his property, the farmer heard a soft sound in the bushes. Going towards the sound, he saw newborn kittens in the bushes. Their mother was not near the kittens, the search for her in the vicinity did not give any results. The farmer thought that the mother of the kids could die under the wheels of the car, because there is a road nearby. The man decided to take the kittens, he gave them a lot of care and love, and this helped the kids to survive.

When the kids grew up, the man noticed that they were different from his usual domestic cats. After examining the kittens, the veterinarian came to the conclusion that in his area the farmer found not the domestic fluffies we are used to, but manuls, predatory cats that are on the verge of extinction.

Manuls are extremely rarely chosen as pets, moreover, only people with a solid income can buy such a cat. Manulas are status pets, but that played a cruel joke on them – outside the wild, these cats often get sick, and their life expectancy is much shorter than that of their wild counterparts.
After learning everything he could about his pets, the farmer decided that they needed to find more suitable living conditions. The man did not want to sell his unusual pets, although this could bring him a good income, instead he gave them to an animal shelter that specializes in wild animals.

In the shelter for manuls, conditions are created that are close to those in which these animals live in the wild. Also in the shelter, the health and development of manuls will be monitored by veterinarians, which means that their life will be much longer than that of their relatives in captivity.
The man acted nobly in doing what was best for the animals, not his bank account.

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