“I have to give it to you”: said an elderly tearful woman with a cat in a carrier

A woman from Chicago had a cat named Niko for many years. The cat was 16 years old, he was like a family member for his mistress, so he got used to the care and affection from the hostess, and he answered her the same. Unfortunately, problems began in the life of a woman, she lost her job and her house, so she could no longer support a cat. The woman had to take him to a shelter; when parting, she constantly cried.

The cat felt that his mistress was excited, therefore, sitting in the carrier, he could not find a place for himself. When the woman brought Niko to the shelter, she told the staff that this was a difficult decision for her, but she was doing this for the sake of the cat, because the shelter would take care of him, when she herself could no longer do this. The woman asked to find a house for Niko. The tears of the hostess and the plaintive cry of the cat, who seemed to understand what was happening, were very touched by the shelter staff

They understood that finding a new home for such an adult cat would not be easy at all, because in old age animals have health problems, they need special care, so only a few agree to take care of such animals. They did not tell the woman that Niko would most likely remain in the shelter forever, because parting with him was already difficult for her.
The cat has settled in a shelter. Nico cried for a few days and then calmed down, but he always remained very sad. A domestic cat is not used to having to share his home and people’s attention with other pets. Shelter employee Jennifer was one of those who were present at the parting of Niko and his mistress. The girl remembered well the woman’s request to find a home for the cat, therefore, she was very upset that Niko had to stay in the shelter and be sad alone in his cage. Thoughts about an elderly cat haunted Jennifer and one day she decided to help him and take him home.

The very next day, Jennifer left work with Nico. It was difficult for the cat to adapt to the new house, his daughter Jennifer caused him especially great stress, because he was not used to small children in the house. It took time, but Niko got used to his new house and its residents.
Jennifer hoped that Niko would stay with her for a while until she put on a new house for him, in which there would be no children, but her daughter fell in love with the old cat so much that she persuaded her mother to leave him with them, promising to take care of her pet .

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