We grow a rose from a cutting: a simple and effective way

Can you grow a rose on your windowsill, and if so, how? Yes, you can. And it’s not hard at all to implement. To grow a flower from a bouquet, you need to apply the method called “Troika”, which is the simplest and most effective.


Even novice flower growers can cope with this task. Properly selected ingredients and patience will certainly give the desired effect. Your favorite flowers will delight you more than once with their beautiful flowering.

Settled water – 120 milliliters
land for planting
Honey – five grams
Aloe – 10 grams
Wood ash – five grams
Recipe and application:

We begin work with the preparation of cuttings. To do this, you need to cut the plant, where the cut angle is 90 degrees, leaving only the upper part of the stem with three to five buds and a few leaves. Below we make an oblique cut.
Next, mix all the ingredients from the list and fill with water. In this solution, the cuttings should stand for at least half a day. And if the flowers are in a wilted state, even more so.
After that, we plant them in soil enriched with humus.


grow roses from cuttings
We cover the planted cuttings from above with either an ordinary plastic bottle or a plastic bag. We transfer the container with cuttings to a warm place, and the bag / bottle must be periodically removed to allow air to enter.

Water the cuttings as the soil dries. To take root, cuttings need an average of one and a half months. But everything will depend on their initial state and the air temperature in the room.

After the formation of the root system, we plant a flower in a suitable place on the site or leave it to bloom at home.

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