A homeless dog gave birth to puppies in the middle of the street, and they tried to take away their blanket

This story happened in 2018, when it was winter outside and the thermometer showed -15 ° C. One of our volunteers noticed a dog with newborn puppies near the metro station. They were lying on a blanket near a mobile accessories store, and next to them was a piece of paper that said “take us home.” Usually stray dogs don’t give birth in the middle of the street where there are a lot of people, they know more secluded places. Because the first thing we thought about was that she was thrown out of the house into the street, besides, the animal could not bring a blanket and write a sign.
Our volunteer tried to get closer to the dog, but she bared her teeth, making it clear that she would protect her babies by any means.

A crowd began to gather near the volunteer. People said that the dog wandered here for a long time along with people who do not have a fixed place of residence. She was always friendly and affectionate. Maybe someone hit her, which provoked childbirth in the middle of the street. A passer-by brought her a blanket. But other people said that a homeless woman tried to snatch a blanket from under a dog this morning. The volunteer also learned that the inscription was made in a mobile accessories store, next to which the dog was lying, in order to attract attention.

Unfortunately, one puppy had already frozen to death. So it was urgent to save the rest and their mother.
It was only thanks to the catcher and the sedative that the dog was able to calm down. Together with the puppies, she was transferred to a booth in one of the premises of the shelter. To be honest, at first it was not safe to approach the booth. The dog was under a lot of stress. So food and water were left nearby, but the animal was not touched. The dog began to be called Laima.

Mom stopped protecting her kids so fiercely when they began to grow up. She began to respond to her nickname and turned out to be a very kind dog. We quickly managed to attach puppies. A few months later, Lyme also found her home.
From the first minute the dog began to trust his new owners and did not make a mistake.

The people turned out to be very good, they were not afraid of difficulties. They were quickly able to accustom an adult street dog to life in an apartment. For three years now, they have been sending us photos of Lima and telling us how affectionate and smart she is. And we still sadly remember the history of the dog. A freezing dog with newborn puppies in the middle of the street, where there are many people on a blanket that they tried to take away from her.

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