When they took another dog from the shelter, he stood by the enclosure and cried because he was hurt that they were not giving him

In the morning, people who wanted to find a pet here came to catch it. Dozens of dogs immediately ran up to the fence of the enclosure, sticking out their noses and trying to draw attention to themselves by all means, including pushing each other away. The animals in the catch are very fond of visitors, along with them there is hope here every time.

Mishutka, like the others, rejoiced at the guests and tried to push closer to the net in order to show himself and see what was happening. The dog wag its tail and looked at people with boundless confidence in its eyes.

— You can open this enclosure? – the volunteer visitor asked. Mishutka’s cage opened, the happy dog ​​rushed to meet the visitor, but as it turned out, his joy was in vain…

The woman caressed Mishutka, but then said that her choice fell on another dog.

Hearing this, the dog immediately became sad, he turned around and quietly went into the enclosure, hiding in a corner. Sitting in the corner, Mishutka gloomily looked at the white dog, which jumped for joy when its new owners took it.

When the white dog was taken out of its enclosure, Mishka ran to the exit from his closed cage. His look seemed to be begging people to take him too, but the visitors had already gone to the exit, not turning around and not noticing how hope was gradually fading in the animal’s eyes. When the people disappeared from sight, Mishka had tears in her eyes. This day broke the dog’s illusions, he realized that his hopes for a better life were not destined to come true…

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