Dog Passed Out When Volunteers Just Approached Him

This dog was reported to the animal protection company by the kids. They sounded anxious over the phone, and the staff decided not to linger. They drove to the named address, where a group of guys were already waiting for them. They escorted employees to the dog.
The dog was hiding in a pile of unnecessary shoes, and it was clear that he was holding on with the last of his strength. People were coming up to him, talking in low voices as he began to roll over on his side. The poor fellow lost consciousness, barely waiting for help.

They carried a black and white puppy into the car in their arms.

The dog is still quite young, he survived thanks to a young strong body. It turned out that he was a victim of an accident, and literally reached the place with people on parole. The dog hoped that he would be helped, although he felt very bad.
While the dog was being taken to the doctor, he did not react to the events around him. I just lay on my side with my eyes closed, and it seemed to people that a live dog would not make it.

But it was worth the fight, so the driver drove as fast as possible. After all, even a minute could be decisive.
The volunteers knew why they were in a hurry: the dog needed to get a drug for cerebral edema. It would give him time to spare.

The driver was in time, and the doctors began to figure out how to help the unlucky dog. They began to provide assistance, and at some point the exhausted beast raised its head and looked longingly at those who were nearby.

But this melancholy did not deceive the doctor, he was in seventh heaven.
Since the dog wanted to look around, it means that they are acting correctly, and the dog is no longer dying.

It only remained to let him lie down so that the body would complete what had been started.

The dog spent several weeks under the supervision of doctors. Gradually, his appetite returned to him, then he stood on his paws, began to look around and get to know people. He ran, rejoiced in everything he saw. It turned out that this four-legged patient is very cheerful and grateful, he was ready to lick and wag his tail to everyone who saved his life.
He was so sweet that he did not stay long on temporary overexposure, he was quickly found a permanent home. The owners of his new friend adore, and he returns the love to them in double size.

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