A married couple came to the shelter for a cat, but from the touching picture they had to take two

Sometimes a real friendship arises between animals, which helps both of them survive difficult times, so it is impossible to separate such animals. Lui and Luna have had this connection ever since they were kittens. Both kids ended up in a shelter in Florida almost at the same time, so the staff settled them together and within a few months they became real friends.

When the kids grew up, their photos were posted on the shelter’s website, writing that the kids were looking for a new home. Jack and his fiancée saw the ad and contacted the orphanage saying they would like to take Luna. A few days later, the couple was already at the shelter and processed all the necessary documents.

The shelter staff were happy for Luna, but were very worried about how Louis would survive the separation from his girlfriend. It was a pity to separate the kittens, but the instructions strictly forbade employees from imposing pets on visitors. The situation seemed hopeless, but a solution was found very quickly. As the visitors approached Luna, they saw that the kitty was sleeping in the arms of her friend.
The couple immediately realized that they could not separate these adorable little ones, so they decided to give a house not only to Luna, but also to Louis. The couple issued documents for the girl immediately, but Louis was given to them only for a trial period. Neither Jack nor his girlfriend had had pets before, so the shelter staff were worried about how they could handle two cats at once.

From the first day everything went as it should, the kittens were very sweet and calm and caring for them did not cause any problems. Luna and Louis quickly settled into the house and felt like full members of the family. The connection between the animals only grew stronger, so a week later Jack completed all the documents so that Louis would stay with them forever.
The cats grew quickly and became true beauties, only the friendship between them remained unchanged.

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