What do I add when planting cucumbers and then harvest all summer without top dressing

If you want your cucumbers to grow and develop well, then they need a complex fertilizer, which consists of wood ash, compost, superphosphate, humus and potassium sulfate. Each of the components has a beneficial effect on cucumbers: it activates the growth of the vine, improves immunity, and promotes rooting.
How to plant
Before you start planting cucumber seedlings, dig a planting hole that is about 30 cm deep.

Next, you need to fill the hole halfway with compost or humus.

After that, pour in wood ash (about 100 g or half a glass).

Add superphosphate and potassium sulfate (1 teaspoon each).

Mix all components together.

Pour some earth on top and water the hole well.
The earth is needed so that the roots of the seedlings do not get burned from direct contact with the fertilizer.

Sprinkle seedlings with a small layer of earth and mulch with sawdust or straw.

Thanks to this fertilizer, cucumbers will be provided with all the necessary nutrients throughout the growth and development of the crop. Therefore, you will get a rich and healthy crop of cucumbers.
Additional feeding of the plant will be required if it needs it. This will be clear from the way the leaves and fruits look.

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