Top dressing for tomatoes so that there are a lot of ovaries and they do not fall off

It happens that you go to visit your neighbors in the country and see that they have a feast for the eyes. The bushes are strewn with ovaries, the stems are strong. And everything seems to be the same for you: varieties, care, land in the gardens. But at home you observe a picture: several tomatoes hang on the spreading bushes. But at the neighbors everything blooms, ties, bears fruit and there is nowhere to put the tomatoes.

Then I decided to press a neighbor so that she would tell her secrets in caring for tomatoes. And I was able to get recognition from her – it’s all about one universal remedy that she uses. After it, there are many ovaries, the immunity of tomatoes is stronger and the leaves grow well.
Moreover, this remedy is good not only for tomatoes, but also for cucumbers, eggplants, peppers (that is, all nightshade), legumes and for many other plants, it is important to try.
How to prepare an all-purpose fertilizer:
Boric acid will be needed, because it is boron that stimulates the development of ovaries and prevents the plant from shedding them ahead of time. all you need is 1-1.5 g of boric acid, dilute it in a glass of boiling water.
Add potassium permanganate at the tip of a knife so that the mixture turns dark pink. manganese increases immunity in plants.

Then add iodine (60 drops or 1.5 ml if using a syringe). Iodine disinfects plants and soil, and is also a top dressing.
Next, you need urea (1 teaspoon). It will strengthen the leaves and stems of the bushes, give a rich green color.
And the last – milk (1 glass). The solution in milk will stay on the surface of the tops much longer than in water.
When you have mixed all the ingredients, dilute them in a bucket of water. Using a small sprayer, it will be convenient to spray the leaves with a solution from both sides. This should be done once every 10 days, or at least three times for the entire season.
For humans, this fertilizer is safe.

You need to process tomatoes, both in the greenhouse and in the open field.

Now my tomatoes bear fruit no worse than those of a neighbor. A week after spraying, the number of flowers increased in tomatoes, they became stronger, the leaves turned green. And the first fruits turned out sweet, juicy and incredibly tasty!

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