Three Years of False Hopes and Expectations: Shelter Dog Gave Up, She No Longer Trusted People

The breed of this dog is lovely – Border Collie. Charming, charming, companions, affectionate and accommodating, what more could you want from a dog?
But she wandered the streets for a long time – no one called her to his home. Rescuers had to transport the baby to a US shelter so that someone would become interested in Jesse.

Everything looked just fine, the dog had a great future – but it was as if she was cursed!

People came, looked, stroked – and chose someone else.

Jesse is still at the shelter. An overcrowded orphanage, unhappy, caged animals, and you can’t look at Jesse without crying. After all, everyone who came before her, and after, had long gone home.

What prevents people from seeing a cute, gentle dog?

She is shy, and cannot immediately throw herself on the hands, she needs time to make contact. The incredulous dog became so because of the long loneliness, it was disappointed too often.
Jessie has a serious face, she seems angry and frowning.

The reason is the same – fear. She is afraid of strangers, but instantly relaxes, as soon as strangers disperse. The staff knows that there is no one more tender than Jesse in the shelter. She just knows none of her friends will hurt her.

Employees are determined to send the overstayed baby home as soon as possible. They post about her on social networks, take pictures and tell cute stories about her. There are also profiles with Jess on special housing sites.

She is already nine years old, this beauty, and she still lives alone. No one needs a dog as if feeling the burden of loneliness, she walks drooping, barely rearranging her paws.

One of the volunteers even took her home during the renovation of the shelter, so that the dog could gain strength. She enjoyed the house so much that she stopped eating when she returned to the orphanage. I didn’t want to communicate, I didn’t react to anything – it was a real depression.

She wants games and walks, warmth and care. Volunteers hope that Jesse will wait for his man.

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