The street cat did not let anyone near her, until the moment when trouble happened with her kitten

Not far from even Jamie lived a stray cat. The guy was very fond of animals, he noticed this cat as soon as she appeared at his house and tried to make friends with her. The cat was clearly not disposed to friendship, she ate with pleasure what Jamie treated her to, but did not go into his arms, moreover, as soon as the guy approached, the animal immediately ran away. For several years, the cat came to the man’s house and ran away immediately after satisfying his hunger. Jamie no longer tried to pet the animal, but at the same time, he brought food and water for him every day.

One day, the situation changed dramatically: the cat herself came to the threshold of Jamie’s house, while she held a kitten in her teeth. The guy immediately realized that the kitten needed help, because one of its paws was located at a very strange angle.

Jamie began to slowly approach the animals, he was afraid that when he approached the cat, she would run away again, taking the baby with her. The cat really looked at the guy incredulously and backed away a little, but then, as if she made a decision and put the kitten on the threshold, and only then ran away. The cat was afraid to trust the person, but she understood that there was no one to help the baby besides him.

Jamie really helped the kitten, starting with taking him to the vet. Doctors immediately operated on the baby, returning his paw to the correct position. From the clinic, the kitten went to Jamie’s house, which from that day on became his home as well. The cat continues to come to Jamie’s house every day, but now not only to eat, but also to feed her baby, but the animal does not go into the hands of the guy. Thanks to the help of doctors, Jamie’s care and mother’s milk, the kitten quickly recovers and grows, becomes affectionate and playful.

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