The scared labrador hid in the corner all day. his family left him

His former owners brought the Labrador to the shelter. The family got tired of their pet, so they got rid of it without regret. The dog endured betrayal by the owners very hard, he was afraid of everything around him, did not trust people and looked at one point on the wall for whole days.

Seeing this labrador, the employee of the shelter was touched, although in her practice she met many animals that were thrown away by their owners and those that suffered from cruel treatment by their owners. Even animals that have suffered beatings are far from always so mistrustful of people as this dog who knows what betrayal is.

Tammy wrote a post about the dog, which caused a very active discussion. The story spread quickly on the Internet, people shared their opinions, sympathized with the dog and asked if new owners had been found for it.

Many of those who read the post decided to help the shelter with money. Among those who wanted to help the dog, there was a man who gave her the most important thing – care, love and a new home.

In the case of this labrador, adoption turned out to be difficult. The animal had to get used to the new owner before he took it home. It took several visits to the shelter to establish contact between the person and the animal, but soon the dog felt that this person would not hurt her and trusted him.

In the new home, the dog was surrounded by care and attention, which she did not get before. This dog was lucky, but many animals who got into the shelter did not get such a chance. I would like to believe that there are more and more such animals every day.

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