The pit bull broke off the leash and dived into the bushes, and a moment later the child screamed

The owner could not keep him?

Among all dog breeds, there are those who are considered not only aggressive, but also dangerous, but this is an absolute delusion. And our tailed hero of the article named Hurley will serve as proof of this.
He is incredibly kind, affectionate and friendly, so the owner of Shelby even allows the dog to run without a leash while walking. On another walk in the park, a child’s cry was suddenly heard from somewhere. Not seeing Hurley next to him, the man immediately ran towards the sound.

On the spot, Shelby saw the following picture: a tearful boy, his pet, and next to them a dead poisonous snake – a copper-headed muzzle.
It turned out that the creeper was going to attack the baby, and when he got scared, the pit bull rushed to save him. The dog dragged the snake and strangled it.
During the rescue, the muzzle bit Hurley, so he very quickly

the neck began to swell, foam came from the mouth, and bite marks were visible on the lip. To
Fortunately, the caudate was quickly taken to the veterinary clinic and everything ended well.

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