The girl was going to get a kitten and went to choose it together with the dog

People choose pets according to their taste. Someone wants a red cat, someone wants a smaller dog, many are looking for a certain character. But sometimes you come across exceptional people who take into account not only their own interests. They want to know in advance if the new pet will get along with the old one.
The heroine of this story trusted her dog so much that she took her with her for the cat.

She did not lose, the pets became good friends. Thousands of subscribers are watching their lives with bated breath. It all started a few years ago when Raven thought about a cat for the first time.
Everything is much better when there is a cat. And there is more warmth in the house, and more fun. The dog is not so lonely while the owner is working, and she is calmer for him. And to give some vagabond a chance for a family is a holy cause.

How Raven was looking for a new pet
The woman went to the shelter with her husky dog. She wanted to be sure that future pets would get along. The shelter staff warmly supported Raven. They brought kittens one by one or several at once and looked at the reaction of the animals. Most were afraid of the dog, some did not notice it, some did not like the dog himself. But there was a brave little one who immediately tried to start a game with the dog. She was taken home.

The dog and the cat became so close friends, as if they were raised by a common mother. They sleep together, eat together, play together too.

And the house is always warm and cozy, because there is never too much love!

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