The girl did not want to see her boyfriend’s cat, but he refused to give it to the shelter: the girl did not stop

Acquaintance of a girl and a guy quickly grew into a serious relationship. There was strong sympathy between the young people and there were practically no problems until the moment when they decided to live together. The reason for the conflict was the guy’s cat, a pet with a black color and the name Raven. As it turned out, the girl did not like animals and was not at all going to burden herself with caring for one of them.

On the very first day of their life together, the girl demanded that her boyfriend find new owners for the cat or take him to a shelter. The young man was surprised at such a request, because he was not going to get rid of the cat. The guy immediately explained that the cat would stay with them and would not make any compromises in this matter. The girl made scandals several times, insisting that it was necessary to get rid of the cat, but they did not bring results.

After a while, the girl began to offer the guy to let Raven out into the street, saying that animals need to walk in the fresh air. The guy tried to explain to his beloved that Raven always lived in the house and would not be able to take care of himself on the street, in particular, he did not know that dangers awaited him there in the form of stray animals, strangers and cars, which means that he would not be able to protect himself, no time to hide.

Realizing that the guy really would not make any compromises to the detriment of the interests of the Crow, the girl decided to settle everything herself. Returning from work in the evening, the guy did not see Raven in the corridor, who always ran to meet him, barely hearing the door open. Having asked the girl where the cat was, the guy also did not receive an answer.

The search of the house and the yard did not give a result, Raven seemed to have disappeared. The guy constantly asked his beloved when she saw the cat and what happened that day, but she constantly answered that she did not know where the animal was and why it ran away. One of the windows in the house always remained a little ajar, the guy thought that Raven had slipped away through that crack, although it was too small for him.

Paren did not stop his search. He knocked on the doors of each of the neighbors, inspected all the garbage cans and bushes in the area, but Raven was nowhere to be found. In his search, the guy got far beyond the boundaries of his quarter, and it was here, quite unexpectedly, that he noticed the Raven. The cat was sitting on the sidewalk and was very scared, because for the first time he himself was on a noisy street.

The guy took the cat and hurried home. During the next conversation, the girl admitted that it was she who took the cat to the next block, because she hates the thought of an animal in the house. After analyzing the situation, the guy broke up with the girl, while Raven still lives in his house.

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