The girl couldn’t stand it, seeing in the window how the children were dragging the white cat around the yard by the rope

In the window of her apartment, the girl saw children playing in the yard. That’s the only game the boys made the girl afraid of – they dragged the cat on the ground, tied a rope to it. The animal tried to escape, but it had no chance to escape. The cat was fluffy and snow-white, not at all like a stray.

For a minute, the girl even thought that the child had decided to walk her pet, but the way they chose was extremely cruel. The boys were about 9 years old, they should have understood that they were causing pain to the animal, but, judging by everything, it didn’t stop them at all.

Mocking the cat, the children laughed loudly, continuing to drag the resisting animal to the big tree. Having fully realized what was happening, the girl immediately ran into the yard.

When the girl came down, the guys had already thrown the edge of the rope over the branch, and she started squeezing the cat’s throat. The girl was in time and did not allow the irreparable to happen. The cat was scared and breathing with difficulty, she just clung to the girl, as if realizing that this was her only chance for salvation. The children didn’t like it very much that someone interfered with their cruel game, so they scolded the girl with a mat, but, fearing the adult’s reaction, they immediately ran away.

The rescued cat went to the shelter, where they gave her the name Rosali. The girl had very beautiful eyes – one of them was bright blue, and the other was a warm brown shade. Heterochromia only added charm to an already beautiful fluffy girl with snow-white fur. When you look at this little girl, it seems that her gaze can hypnotize.

Very soon they found a new home for Rosalie and now she is happy. I want to believe that even in the depths of her wonderful eyes, the expression of horror that was in them at that moment when she was saved by an indifferent girl will never appear again.

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