The dog was thrown in the forest near the road in winter. She was lying under a tree and didn’t go anywhere

The owners decided that they no longer needed the pet, so they brought it to the forest far from the city and abandoned it. She stayed lying under a tree by the road, afraid to move. It was winter outside and Tosya was very cold, so caring people brought her a box with warm bedding.

When a car drove by, Tosya looked at each of them with hope, but when the car drove away, instead of hope, sadness and disappointment appeared in her eyes.

The girl, who lives nearby, took Tosya to her place several times, but every time the dog ran away and returned to its box by the tree, waiting for its owners to change their decision and return for her. About the fact that Tosia had owners, he said that the collar was not on her neck, but the absence of the collar itself testified that Tosia did not run away from home, she fell into the forest on the road by the will of a man.

So she believed that the hostess would return for her. For a long time she was afraid to move even a few meters away from the place where they left her, but after some time she decided to study the area. The sound of the car made the girl hope, as soon as the dog caught it, it ran to its usual place. But no one stayed near her, and the owner never came back.

Tosya waited for a very long time, but her hopes became less and less, therefore, when the girl took her again, Tosya did not run away, she stayed, realizing that there would be no return to her previous life.

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