The cat spent a stormy night with 5 cats: after that he needed the help of specialists

The Zhao family was going to travel a bit, so they took their cat Xiaopi to a pet care hotel. The wife’s employees were informed that their purebred pet was not neutered. The owners of the animal were assured that this would not create any difficulties and they would willingly look after Xiaopi.

The very next day, it turned out that Xiaopi did not sleep in his cage, but instead freely walked around the shelter, moreover, he went into the cages where other cats lived. After all that had happened, when the owners of the cat looked at the records from the security cameras of the animal hotel, they saw that he visited at least five cats, and how many such nightly visits were unknown in total, because not all cells are visible in the camera lens.

The stormy night did not pass without a trace for the cat, because in the morning he became ill. The cat was taken to the veterinarian, and he had to put him on a drip. In addition to the fact that the owners were surprised by the irresponsible behavior of the hotel workers, they had to face some problems. After a while, calf workers accused Zhao’s family of causing several cats to become pregnant with their cat. The owners of the cats, of course, did not count on such a development of events and made a scandal, and negligent workers decided to avoid responsibility by placing it on the cat and its owners.

Zhao posted about the incident on social media. the story became known and the owners of the establishment had no choice but to apologize to them, as well as to everyone, as well as to all the pets who, through their fault, found themselves in such an unusual situation. The hotel staff also reimbursed the cost of treatment for both Xiaopi and cats who became pregnant due to the staff’s negligence.

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