Saw a group of teenagers taking pictures with a blind cat in the pouring rain

The girl who works as the administrator of our shelter was walking around the city. It was late, it was raining. Not far from the store, in the light of a lantern, the girl saw several teenagers who were taking photos on the phone. There was nothing strange in this picture, until the girl saw a large lop-eared cat in the hands of the children.

– Your cat? she asked the teenagers.

The children said that the cat is homeless and has been living under the store for several days, and they arranged a photo shoot with him because of the unusual teeth of the animal. Having taken pictures, the teenagers left, and the cat remained sitting under the lantern on the wet pavement.

The cat was frightened and could not see anything around, so every sound made him jump in fright.

The cat’s eyes were closed and blinded, he looked terrible, so the girl could not understand who and why wanted to take a photo with him, although there was something good in this situation, because otherwise the girl might not have noticed the cat.

That same night, the cat ended up at the shelter. During the inspection, the staff suggested that a few days ago the cat was badly beaten. The hind legs were weak and did not allow the cat to support the weight of its body, any touch was given with pain, and the teeth were literally turned out.

After washing the eyes, the good news came – the cat saw, just the discharge did not allow him to open his eyelids.

In the morning, the cat was taken to the veterinary clinic, and on the way there, a nickname was found for him – Alex.

The veterinarian agreed with our conclusions – the cat was beaten more than once. The strange arrangement of the teeth is the result of a broken jaw. Most likely, after the fracture, the animal was not treated and the bone healed by itself. It is difficult to imagine who could do this to an animal and what kind of torment he experienced in his life.

Abrasions and bruises indicated that the last time the cat had been severely beaten quite recently, but there were also many old scars, indicating that the animal was regularly abused before being on the street.

The cat was not castrated and an unpleasant smell emanated from him, so there was an assumption that the previous owners beat him precisely because he marked the territory.

While Alex is in treatment, he needs time to recover. He is taken care of. and he reciprocates by making out and trying to cuddle with clinic staff and volunteers. The cat feels safe and no longer shakes at any sound near him.

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