On the street I saw the following: a grandmother took chicken paws from a dog

I saw this dog at the store in the middle of winter. The dog was obviously cold, and, judging by the protruding ribs, it had not eaten for a long time. I couldn’t ignore the unfortunate animal.

I bought chilled chicken feet at a supermarket nearby and returned to the place where I saw the dog. With the help of a treat, I lured the dog to stop and unwrapped the package and offered him a meal. In order not to disturb the dog, I moved away and was about to leave, but something happened that stopped me …

I heard the incomprehensible muttering and crying of a dog. Turning around at this sound, I noticed how a 70-year-old grandmother was picking a bag of chicken paws from the dog’s mouth. I was very surprised by this situation, so I returned and asked the woman what she was doing. Instead of answering, the grandmother began to shout all over the street:

“Just look, a pitiful one has been found, a kind one. People are starving, and she gives the meat to the dog!

“Woman, I bought this meat with my own money. I can spend my salary as I want and feed the one I see fit. If you want to help the starving, take your gold ring to the pawnshop and buy food for the starving, and put the bag with the paws back, I didn’t buy them for you.

In response, such selective abuse poured out at me, which I did not expect to hear from a woman of such advanced age.

I remember this situation well, because I did not expect that people can be so cruel and full of malice. It’s hard for me to imagine what goes through the mind of a person who takes food from a hungry street dog.

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