I didn’t expect to see this. short ropes, puppies tied to a tree, covered with burlap

Almost every day, she went for a walk with her dog in the nearby forest. This walk started as usual, but soon the woman noticed a piece of burlap in the forest, which was not there before. When she came closer, she realized that the fabric was moving strangely, although the day was not windy at all. Lifting the bag, the woman saw a terrible sight — a couple of puppies tied to a tree with ropes.

The ropes held the puppies in place and practically did not allow them to move. Clinging to each other so as not to be so cold, the puppies lay and cried quietly, not believing that someone would help them. It is impossible to understand the motives of those people who did this to children. What was the point of tying them? How could they find food or take care of themselves without being able to even move?

The woman untied the babies from the rope and pulled them out from under the wet cloth. The children whined quietly, looked at their savior with grateful eyes and licked her hands.

Both puppies turned out to be girls, very kind and cute. They were very lucky that a woman appeared on their path, who did not pass by, but took care of them.

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