How to feed strawberries during the flowering period for a chic strawberry harvest

If you are late with fertilizers, the culture will not have the strength to form berries. Strawberries are considered a hardy and pliable plant, but this does not mean at all that they do not need to be looked after. As a result of proper care, the berries will be large and very tasty.
How to fertilize strawberries
The most popular of them:
Feeding rules:
How to fertilize strawberries
There are many varieties of fertilizers, for each period of crop development, for example, to increase green mass or during the flowering period. Each period of development requires its own set of nutrients.

Gardeners prefer to use those fertilizers that are most convenient to apply. If most of your site is occupied by planting strawberries, then a decoction of onion peels will not work in this case. Where to find such a quantity of husk? Certain complexes or individual elements that are mixed in the required proportions are more popular.
The most popular of them:
Agriccola, urea, superphosphate, potassium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, nitrophoska (we dissolve 20 grams of the product in one bucket of water and irrigate the plants with it. One bush – one liter of liquid mixture).

An important component of the applied fertilizer is potassium, which makes strawberries stronger and promotes budding for the next season. Having settled on potassium nitrate, we dilute 5 grams of powder in a bucket of water and process strawberry bushes. Bush – two glasses.

Agriccola refers to complex fertilizers and is very popular among summer residents. Agriccola provides plants with many useful components at once, and even copper. On sale it is found both in granules and in solution.

And if you are not engaged in large-scale cultivation of strawberries, then you should pay attention to organic top dressing, such as:
Wood ash.
Increases the fruiting time, and the berries themselves delight with their size. For cooking, dilute a liter of ash in a bucket of water. A large bush requires a liter of solution, and a medium one – 0.5 liters.

Iodine is afraid of harmful insects, and it also gives the berries the necessary sweetness.

Chicken litter.
Thanks to this top dressing, the quality of the soil, the taste of the berries are improved, and the growth of the bushes is also activated.

Yeast infusions.
This infusion should be watered several times during the growing season, which increases its endurance at times.

Boric acid, which affects the number of berries set.
We mix two grams of acid and potassium permanganate with a liter of ash, and then dilute them in a bucket of water. This solution is intended for crop spraying.

Mullein solution.
Responsible for the harvest.

Feeding rules:
The first feeding begins from the moment the first flowers appear. How to make them correctly, you ask? You can either water under the root or spray the plant completely. In such cases, nitrogen compounds and zinc sulfate are used.
The main rule of top dressing is to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions. A low concentration solution will not give the desired result, and overdoing it can adversely affect the roots of plants.

And you can also approach the issue from a scientific point of view. Send the soil for analysis to find out which trace elements are in short supply. Thanks to this information, you will select the right fertilizer for you.

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