A well-groomed «major» in a cool car took a dirty kitten from the street in front of my eyes

I have a neighbor who looks to be in his thirties. Health rushing for a kilometer — looks like a kid. In general, he looks a lot like Timati, dressed foppishly. I bought a good property, a large loggia. He turned up his nose in front of the neighbors, did not say hello even once

He also did not feel love from us. Yes, and for what? He always violated the regime of silence, he did not hear our wishes, even more so complaints. Well, I didn’t rage late at night, and thanks for that.

Further — more, at home he often has parties. And the girls, and all sorts of friends in droves. Well, there was an incident when I twisted my leg, collapsed next to the house, and yet we are familiar, so I didn’t even come to help — I slipped past.
And then a curious situation happened, I was returning home with purchases, the weather was terrible, as it is called — unfavorable. I see my «beloved» neighbor — he gets out of his car, clean, dry. Somehow I shuddered a little — well, just bust with comfort. He walks imposingly and stumbles upon a kitten at the entrance. And this kid, the poor fellow, had been listed as a planted person at that time for a couple of days. “Crying”, in the sense of meowing, wants to eat. And our local «major» suddenly slows down near him and asks:

«What are you doing here, little one?» Hungry? Come on, save me brotherly.
He takes it in his arms, even presses it to his chest! And I stand and think — he has one sweater as a quarter of my salary. At this point, I didn’t care about the rain at all. I thought — what, the rich also still have a heart?

After all, I would also take the baby, but I have dogs, and two, I was afraid that they would gobble up the guy. And it got warmer to the neighbor. Well, it happens!

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