A shabby booth, a meter chain and a heavy collar, from which the head can barely be raised

That day, Anna and Elena took the cat, who was in their care, to a new home. The girls thought that they would communicate with the potential owners and leave the cat to them, and they could never imagine that they would return home not only with a cat, but also with a puppy…

The girls came up to the house and went into the yard, what they saw behind the gate shocked them. A puppy was sitting in the yard, he was tiny and very scared, and he was clearly very cold. The paws of the puppy were very thin, and the life, on the contrary, was very swollen, most likely due to the presence of parasites. The kid was sitting on a short chain that stretched from the old and almost collapsed booth. On his neck was a collar, big and heavy so that the puppy could hardly lift his head.

The girls didn’t stop giving the cat to the owners, they took the puppy with them, moreover, the owners were not against it at all. As it turned out, the babies were given to them by friends who had 12 puppies, apparently, which were obtained due to the negligence of the owners and their unwillingness to sterilize their pet.

Unfortunately, life on chains, in the cold in the winter and in the heat in the summer – a fate that is prepared for many dogs, if they are brought into the house exclusively for the purpose of guarding the yard. Even homeless yard dogs sometimes live better. Dogs can be kept on a chain, but under the condition that they are allowed to walk at night, take them out for walks, and their kennel is warm, protects from rain and wind, and their nutrition is correct and balanced. In such a situation, the chain content will not negatively affect the life and health of the animal.

To put a tiny puppy on a chain, even choosing a collar that is too heavy for him, to offer him a rotten and cold kennel as a shelter, while still not taking care of his food and not treating him for parasites is complete indifference. , and rather even cruelty towards the animal. I can’t understand why you should take a dog into your home if you can’t, or even don’t want to, take care of decent conditions for it.

They named the baby Knopoi and found her a shelter, removed the parasites, and made the necessary vaccines. She improved a little, got stronger, and instead of fear, joy shines in her eyes.

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