A little kitten the color of the road was crawling along the roadway: miraculously they saw him

This cat might not have survived, but she was lucky, because on her way she met people who could not stay away from someone else’s grief. The cat just crawled along the road, at the same time, because of its color, it practically merged with the roadway, and the fact that it was noticed can be called real luck.

When people picked up the baby from the road, she was very scared, because she did not see anything, so she could not understand what was happening, but as soon as the person caressed her, the girl instantly calmed down.

The family in which the baby fell did everything to make the baby recover. The girl was washed and fed, they made her a cozy couch.

Unfortunately, the problems of the baby did not end at all. The veterinarians determined that the eye infection had developed too much, so it was impossible to cure it, it was also impossible to perform an operation, because the kitten was too weak.

The baby was named Murka and thanks to the care the baby grew up, becoming a beauty of a tortoiseshell color. When the baby got stronger, she was sterilized, and they also had an operation to remove the peephole in order to prevent further spread of the infection.

Murka does not see anything around, but this does not prevent her from living a full life, filled with love and care. The baby is playful and active, she has learned to navigate in space by sounds and smells. Murka lives with the family that saved her life. They are a favorite of their owners and in spite of everything, her life is full and happy.

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