A cat, left with kittens in the forest, bravely protected her babies from dogs

It was very quiet in the forest that autumn day, so when the dog started barking loudly, its owner immediately paid attention to it. The girl hastened to come closer to her pet in order to understand what made him so excited. The dog waited for the hostess to approach and ran further, not responding to her cries and as if trying to take her to a specific place. When the dog led the girl to the abandoned dugout, she was amazed by what she saw – in a depression in the ground, filled with garbage, little kittens were lying and shivering from fear and cold, and in front of them stood the mother cat, who arched her back belligerently, as if warning that she won’t let you try your children.

The forest began immediately behind the city line, not far from the pit where the girl saw a family of cats, there were booths where stray dogs lived, dog walkers often came here with their pets so that they could run around to their heart’s content.

Who and why threw out the cat so close to the place of concentration of homeless dogs and so far from the house of a person? The girl could not understand the logic of a person capable of such an act.

The cat was extremely tense and followed every movement of the girl and her dog with a look filled with rage and determination.

The girl immediately rushed home to leave the dog there and grab a carrier to take the cat and her babies out of the forest. The cat family would not be able to survive in the meadow, where danger awaits them every minute.

For the cat and her children, there was a replacement. The whole family came to the curator weak and exhausted. The babies barely got up on their feet due to impotence, their mother, a beautiful and apparently domestic cat, lost all faith in people.

Unfortunately, this story has no good ending. Life on the street had a strong effect on the children who were diagnosed by a veterinarian with pancolleukopenia.

Curators and doctors did everything possible to help the children. The kittens were barely a month old and they were very weak, the body simply did not have the strength to fight, so no injections, no dropper, no other medicines and therapy brought results. Every day the children became weaker and one by one began to leave the rainbow.

As soon as the babies were diagnosed, the cat was isolated from them, so that the disease would not spread to her as well. Mom fiercely resisted separation from the children, every time she tried to get to them, she only had to hear their faint squeak. Poor nutrition, life on the street, weakness and reduced immunity, supplemented by long-term stress, led to the fact that soon beautiful cats were also diagnosed with pankoleukopenia…

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