101-year-old grandmother sent her children to the shelter for the oldest cat

A cat named Gus lived in a shelter. He was already 19 years old, so the staff were sure that he would live out his days under their supervision. Due to his age, the cat had many health problems, so finding owners for him was not at all easy. No one was interested in Gus for a long time, but one day people appeared at the shelter and asked to see the oldest animal for them.

As it turned out, a mother who turned 101 years old sent her children to the orphanage with such a request. The woman’s name was Penny and she recently lost her pet. Penny was very elderly, she could no longer move on her own, and the dead cat was her only friend, so the woman experienced the loss of her pet very hard. Native women tried to help her, but everything was in vain, until one day Penny announced to them that she wanted to take a new cat. The woman asked her loved ones to go to the shelter and take a cat for her, as old as she is. The next day, Penny’s children were at the orphanage explaining to the staff the reason for their strange request.

As soon as they heard the request of the visitors, the employees took them to Gus, who had lost his house and owners. This cat was the best at advising the requirements of the visitors. On the same day, Gus moved to live with Penny, however, for the first time only for a trial period, because it was necessary to check whether an elderly cat and an aged woman would match in character.
For a couple of weeks, Penny and Gus were inseparable, they watched TV all day and slept a lot. As it turned out, the habits of an elderly lady and a cat are very similar, so Penny’s relatives filled out all the necessary documents and the cat stayed with a woman who managed to sincerely love him. No one knows how much longer Penny and her pet will live, but the good news is that their days are now filled with friendship and mutual care, which both of them really needed.

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