The girl couldn’t stand it, seeing in the window how the children were dragging the white cat around the yard by the rope
In the window of her apartment, the girl saw children playing in the yard.
A non-walking cat was thrown into the entrance in winter, where she lay for a week without help
A resident of the Kursk high-rise building noticed a cat that was lying in
On the street I saw the following: a grandmother took chicken paws from a dog
I saw this dog at the store in the middle of winter. The dog
In frost – 15, a wounded dog lying on the road was carefully covered with a rag and a bun was thrown
The look of the dog in this photo touched me very much. The dog
Gas station workers adopted a homeless dog, and he repaid them for good
Dogs are amazing creatures. They often come to the rescue in a difficult situation,
A homeless cat asked to be taken home by a woman to save her children
Even animals for the sake of their children are ready to do anything to
The pit bull broke off the leash and dived into the bushes, and a moment later the child screamed
The owner could not keep him? Among all dog breeds, there are those who
One of the rarest wolves in the world
Gourmetism in nature is not uncommon. Many animals of high culture have changed the
The meerkat that was taken away from the contact zoo now lives in the house and is friends with the cat
It’s no secret that animals can make friends just as well as humans, even
A man saved a little bear who now lives on his farm.
A completely unexpected guest wandered into the village of the Borisov region of Belarus.