Recognized And Cried With Happiness: Meeting Shelter Dog And A Man From His Past

The dog looked normal, there are many such dogs through the shelter. Still quite young and playful, she was already out of puppyhood, it became more and more difficult to attach her. Shelter dogs live in similar conditions and their behavior becomes similar. They seek to communicate, are drawn to people. They are ready to … Читать далее

The kid climbed into the jar and could not get out. Look What Mother Cat Did

Each kid is a little fidget and constantly invents various pranks to the delight of his parents. Dads and moms don’t even think of what their little children think of. The innocent look and the angelic face of the little ones accompany the deed constantly. Kittens are children too, and not just children, but twice … Читать далее

There were ten puppies, and they could all freeze in the ruins. Luckily, they were found in time.

The animal protection organization received a call with an urgent message. The puppies got into trouble, the old house collapsed. There was a brood of dogs left in the basement. The volunteers had to work hard: it was freezing outside, the ruins had to be dismantled. And the count went on for minutes, because hungry … Читать далее

The couple wanted a calm cat for themselves and chose a ten-year-old cat in the shelter. Hoped It Would Be The Most Peaceful

Marriages at 20 are considered early. Thirty years ago, young people were already in a hurry to have children, but now they are not in a hurry. They try first to decide on housing, to find a good job. Yes, and feelings check does not hurt. Here is another couple — husband and wife are … Читать далее

The cat was looking for food, and a small kitten was dragging behind her: it turned out that he was tied

Residents of a small American city have witnessed an unusual situation. A cat and a kitten appeared at one of the local establishments. Immediately, the visitors did not even pay attention to the animals, the kitten tried to stay near the mother, like many kids at his age, but then the visitors looked closely and … Читать далее

A street cat has lived soul to soul with a cat all his life and did not leave her in terrible trouble

Nabi and Norang were ordinary street cats, they were different from other brothers in that the cat and the cat were sincerely in love with each other. This couple was inseparable, according to locals, they always walked together and shared food, which they managed to beg from passers-by. When the cold came, the cats warmed … Читать далее

“We don’t need him, leave it to yourself”: the owners abandoned the cat, which became very fat

For many years the cat lived in comfort and care. He had a home and owners who loved and spoiled him. Indulging all the desires of the cat led to the fact that he was rapidly gaining weight. When the situation got out of control and the cat became about ten kilograms, which was several … Читать далее