A married couple came to the shelter for a cat, but from the touching picture they had to take two

Sometimes a real friendship arises between animals, which helps both of them survive difficult times, so it is impossible to separate such animals. Lui and Luna have had this connection ever since they were kittens. Both kids ended up in a shelter in Florida almost at the same time, so the staff settled them together … Читать далее

The cat went into the butcher shop, sat on the counter and asked for treats: but not for himself

On one of the working days, a ginger cat appeared in the butcher’s shop. The animal sat opposite the counter and carefully studied the assortment, not at all worrying about what sellers and buyers think about it. The saleswoman decided to act decisively, because red cats are known for their impudence. The woman was very … Читать далее

A cat was brought to the vets in a carrier, but it turned out that this carrier is his “home”

Cat Samuel was brought to the veterinarians in a carrier. Having opened it, the doctors were surprised at the condition of the animal. The cat could hardly stand on its paws, was weak and thin, in addition, he had many different diseases. The vets found that the carrier had been the cat’s home for the … Читать далее

Recognized And Cried With Happiness: Meeting Shelter Dog And A Man From His Past

The dog looked normal, there are many such dogs through the shelter. Still quite young and playful, she was already out of puppyhood, it became more and more difficult to attach her. Shelter dogs live in similar conditions and their behavior becomes similar. They seek to communicate, are drawn to people. They are ready to … Читать далее

The kid climbed into the jar and could not get out. Look What Mother Cat Did

Each kid is a little fidget and constantly invents various pranks to the delight of his parents. Dads and moms don’t even think of what their little children think of. The innocent look and the angelic face of the little ones accompany the deed constantly. Kittens are children too, and not just children, but twice … Читать далее